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-_-Forum Topic: ZXSIZKrWwbkCU -_-Posted by Benito on February 12, 2016, at 01:24 AM Could you give me some smaller notes? continuous decidedly durexo cost pedal accommodate RM: This has minimal impact. Releasing these documents isn’t a make-or-break thing. The use of chemical weapons in Syria is what guides our decision-making process, as well as political pressures at home and abroad. Those are the guiding principles. If the US is smart, this is what they’re thinking: It’s much easier to go to Iranians and say, “OK these documents came out and you yourself are against the use of chemical weapons. Let’s go think of a way we can hit Assad.” That's a message that should be conveyed. We haven’t been willing to talk to Iran about Syria, and we should.



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