Unofficial Livecode Linux packages

These are the Linux package for Livecode. If you encounter problems, try to install also: If you need help, please write me:

List of files:

livecodecommunity-8.1.3-2.x86_64.rpmRPMRPM package, Date:18 May 2017 23:26:56.
livecode8.amd64.debDEBDEB package, Date:18 May 2017 23:22:58.
livecodecommunity-7.1.4-2.x86_64.rpmRPMRPM package, Date:23 August 2016 14:49:42.
livecodecommunity-7.1.4.amd64.debDEBDEB package, Date:23 August 2016 14:00:34.
livecodecommunity-6.6.2-8.i386.rpmRPMRPM package, Date:19 August 2014 16:59:03.
livecodecommunity-6.6.2-8.debDEBDEB package, Date:19 August 2014 16:36:04.

If it works, you'll get something like this:

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