Rebol Video Guida

Quelle che seguono sono delle lezioni su Rebol caricati su Youtube.

Intro and Installing Rebol

1st Code Examples (GUIs)

More GUIs, Important Functions

Variables, More About GUIs

More About Variables

Blocks and Series

User Defined Functions

Conditional Operations


Exe and Install Packs

Compressing, Embedding Data

Viewtop Settings/Resources

Importing Code Modules

Built in Help + Topic Review

Ex. 1: Little Email Client

Ex. 2: FTP Chat

Ex. 3: Looping Through Data

Ex. 4: Image Effector

Ex. 5: Sliding Tile Game

Ex. 6: Guitar Diagram Maker

Ex. 7: Listview Database

Ex. 8: P2P Messenger

Menus in Rebol

GUI Events - "Feel"

2D Graphics and Animation

3D Graphics and Animation



CGI (Web) Programming

MySQL and Databases


Objects (OOP)