1.0 General Description The Sentry Closed Loop Cylinder Panel is designed to provide low emission collection of a defined volume of liquid or vapor sample in a sample cylinder at process pressures. Sampling of hazardous or toxic chemicals requires that the sample be representative of the fluid, be obtained without risk to personnel, and minimize the potential of leakage to the environment. The complete sampling operation includes routing of the process fluid to the sampling device along with the capture and containment of the sample obtained. Representative sampling requires that the device used for sampling can be flushed or purged to remove old material and that the flow path to the sampling device facilitate flows which can provide a current sample. To minimize exposure of personnel and the environment, the sample is contained in a sample cylinder. The standard Closed Loop Cylinder Panel includes the following: 304 SS backplate with associated component mounting brackets. Tandem 3-way switching valve Sample cylinder assembly (with quick disconnects and isolation valves) Mating quick disconnects Flex hose Pressure gauge Check Valve (in sample return line) Closed Loop Cylinder Panels intended for collecting Vapor samples are plumbed to provide flow into the sample cylinder from the top down (MCG). Panels intended for collecting Liquid samples are plumbed to provide flow into the sample cylinder from the bottom up (MCL). Cylinder assemblies intended for collecting liquid samples are also equipped with outage tubes to prevent over pressurization due to temperature increases. Panels can be equipped with either a combined vent/sample return line or separate vent and sample return lines. When sample is returned to process pressures above 50 psig (3.45 bar), a separate vent line is required to allow for depressurization of the quick disconnects prior to removing the cylinder assembly. The separate vent connection should be routed to an absorption vessel or a flare for combustion. The Closed Loop Cylinder Panel may include the following optional items: Sample Inlet Isolation Valve Sample Return Isolation Valve Sample Cooler (including temperature indicator & flow control valve) Cooling Water Inlet/Outlet Isolation Valves Sample Inlet Filter Sample Vent Line Check Valve Charcoal Canister in Vent Line Sample Line Nitrogen Purge System See attached drawings in Section 8, for your specific Closed Loop Cylinder Panel design. Closed Loop Cylinder Panel SPD 1.5.15 Rev. 6 SENTRY EQUIPMENT CORP • 262.567.7256 • Fax: 262.567.4523 • • www.sentry-equip. com 2 2.0 Installation 1. Receiving Examine the crate for any shipping damage. If in doubt, take pictures of the suspect area. Remove unit(s) from the crate and examine for any visible damage. Report damages to the trucker at once. This is the responsibility of the consignee. 2. Mounting The Closed Loop Cylinder Panel is equipped with (4) 7/16” (11mm) diameter holes for surface mounting. The panel may be equipped with optional hardware for post mounting. See the attached General Arrangement drawing for mounting details. 3. Piping (Refer to the General Arrangement drawing for connection sizes, types and locations.) Dangerous gas! The gases being emitted from the vent line may be hazardous and toxic upon exposure. The vent line should be directed to a charcoal canister, flare or other sub atmospheric region for collection and treatment of sample vapors. 3.0 Operation The Sentry Closed Loop Cylinder Panel utilizes a tandem 3-way switching valve that allows the operator to perform multiple operations with a minimum of valve manipulations. In the “OFF” mode, fluid from the process stream does not circulate through the sampler. In the “SAMPLE” mode, sample flows from the process stream through the sampler, including the sample cylinder. The switching valve should remain in the “SAMPLE” mode until the operator is certain that the fluid circulating through the sample panel is representative of the fluid in the process stream (contemporized). The amount of time required to contemporize is a function of flow rate and distance from the sample panel to the sample source, and must be established by the user. After contemporization, close the sample cylinder outlet valve first, followed by the sample cylinder inlet valve. This action assures that you have captured a sample at source pressure. Next, it is necessary to depressurize the quick disconnects before removing the cylinder. This action not only lowers the pressure to acceptable levels for safe sample cylinder disconnect, but also reduces emission of any process within the quick disconnect. Rotating the tandem 3-way switching valve to the “VENT” mode, depressurizes both the inlet and outlet quick disconnects simultaneously. This depressurization should be verified by noting the pressure indicator, before removing the cylinder. Closed Loop Cylinder Panel SPD 1.5.15 Rev. 6 SENTRY EQUIPMENT CORP • 262.567.7256 • Fax: 262.567.4523 • • www.sentry-equip. com 3 After depressurization, return the tandem 3-way switching valve to the “OFF” mode. Note that there is a detent for the “OFF” position. The sample cylinder can now be safely removed. After removing the cylinder, replace with another cylinder or connect the quick disconnect on the flex hose to the panel mounted quick disconnect. This protects the disconnect ends from dirt and/or damage. If the Closed Loop Cylinder Panel is equipped with the optional sample cooler, initiate cooling water flow before sample flow. Throttle the sample flow using the sample pressure control valve, PCV-1. Adjust this valve while contemporizing the sample to achieve a sample temperature safe for handling, (recommendation of 120OF or lower) as observed on TI-1. An optional purge system is available to permit pre-purging or post-purging of the sample system. This function must be performed with the tandem 3-way switching valve in the “SAMPLE” mode and either the cylinder in place or the flex hose connected to the base mounted quick disconnect. An optional Carbon Canister is available. The Sentry Carbon Canister Assembly is designed to provide adsorption of hydrocarbon gases vented from the Closed Loop Cylinder Panel. The gas vent of the panel is connected to the inlet of the Carbon Canister Assembly. The gases then pass through a volume of activated carbon, where hydrocarbons (example: benzene) are adsorbed. Often, there are specific gases (example: H2S – hydrogen sulfide) that are also carried in the vented gas. To remove these, specially designed products such as impregnated activated carbon are used. In these instances, the Carbon Canister Assembly is filled with impregnated activated carbon. Both activated carbon and impregnated activated carbon have a finite ability to remove hydrocarbons and other gases. This life is dependent on concentrations and volumetric flow of the gas. An optional “tell-tale” assembly can be provided with the Carbon Canister Assembly to provide a visual indication when the Carbon Canister Assembly requires recharging. The Carbon Canister Assembly is designed for easy recharging. Carbon Canister Recharging Instructions 1. Remove clamp from carbon canister allowing container to be removed from base assembly. 2. Place approximately 2” (uncompressed thickness) of glass wool (Sentry part number 4- 04825A) at the bottom of the container. 3. Fill the container with activated carbon (or impregnated activated carbon) to about 1” of top of container. 4. Replace container. 5. Reinstall clamp. 6. Place unit in operation. Detailed, panel specific, operating instructions are attached at the back of this manual. Closed Loop Cylinder Panel SPD 1.5.15 Rev. 6 SENTRY EQUIPMENT CORP • 262.567.7256 • Fax: 262.567.4523 • • www.sentry-equip. com 4 4.0 Sample Cooler For Installation and Operating Instructions for the sample cooler, please see the accompanying document SD 1741. 5.0 Maintenance Needle Valve In the event of a blockage, it can normally be cleared by fully opening the valve. Care must be taken to ensure that temperature and pressure limits are not exceeded during this process. Valve Packing Occasionally during initial start-up or restart of the sample panel, the low pressure/high pressure inlet isolation valve packing will leak. If this occurs, remove the handle, tighten the packing nut, and then replace the handle. If the packing continues to leak or other valves or O-rings require maintenance, see the Spare Parts list. 6.0 Factory Assistance Sentry Equipment Corp. has been a pioneer in steam and water sampling equipment. From single line sampling to complex multifunction, automated sampling control systems, Sentry has been at the forefront to assist utilities and industry. Please do not return any equipment or system components before discussing your application problem with a Sentry representative and obtaining a return authorization. The Service Department at Sentry Equipment or your Sentry representative is available for your assistance. For other sampling applications, your Sentry representative or Sentry Equipment Corp. is eager to help you. Please feel free to call your representative or the number below to discuss our application. Sentry Equipment Corp. 966 Blue Ribbon Circle North PO Box 127 Oconomowoc, WI 53066 USA Phone: 262/567-7256 FAX: 262/567-4523 E-mail: 7.0 Warranty Closed Loop Cylinder Panel SPD 1.5.15 Rev. 6 SENTRY EQUIPMENT CORP • 262.567.7256 • Fax: 262.567.4523 • • www.sentry-equip. com 5 Seller warrants products manufactured by it and supplied hereunder to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve months from date of shipment. If within such period any such products shall be proved to Seller’s satisfaction to be defective, such products shall be repaired or replaced at Seller’s option. Seller’s obligation and Buyer’s exclusive remedy hereunder shall be limited to such repair and replacement and shall be conditioned upon Seller’s receiving written notice of any alleged defect within 10 days after its discovery and, at Seller’s option, return of such product to Seller, ex-works Sentry’s factory. The foregoing warranties are exclusive and in lieu of all other express and implied warranties except in title, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose. Seller shall not be subject to any other obligations or liabilities whatsoever with respect to products manufactured or furnished by it, or any undertakings, acts or omissions relating thereto. Warranty Conditions & Limitations This Warranty shall not apply to any Sentry product which, in the opinion of Sentry Equipment Corp, has been (a) altered or repaired in a manner affecting the efficiency of performance of the unit or (b) incorrectly installed or operated or (c) damaged in shipment or (d) damaged by flood or fire or (e) if the serial number is missing, altered or defaced. The owner shall be responsible for maintenance of his equipment. Wear or damage caused by lack of normal maintenance or by misuse of the equipment shall not be considered as defective workmanship and material. Sentry reserves the right to make product design changes or improvements without notice and without imposing any obligation upon itself to install these changes or improvements on its products previously manufactured. This warranty is for the sole benefit of the original purchaser and is not transferable unless agreed to in writing by Sentry Equipment Corp. Receiving Shipments (including loss or damage by transportation) It is the customer’s responsibility to check for missing cartons and sign of damage to cartons. If found, customer should note missing and/or damaged cartons on the delivery receipt and have delivery receipt signed by the representative of the transportation company. If unpacking discloses concealed damage from rough handling, the customer should request a concealed damage inspection from the transportation company. The Sentry Customer Service Department will aid your organization in any claim proceeding for shortages or damages in shipment, but it is the receiver’s responsibility to file claim with the carrier for damage or loss. Closed Loop Cylinder Panel SPD 1.5.15 Rev. 6 SENTRY EQUIPMENT CORP • 262.567.7256 • Fax: 262.567.4523 • • www.sentry-equip. com 6 Customer Actions For Claims on Products During the Warranty Period 1. Contact the Customer Service Department at Sentry Equipment Corp, Oconomowoc, WI, Telephone: 262-567-7256, to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. 2. You will be sent an “RMA” and a “Decontamination Statement” that is required to be filled out and returned with the equipment. 3. The following information must appear on the outside of the package: a. RMA number marked on outside of box. b. Decontamination Statement filled out and attached to outside of box. 4. Return defective equipment FREIGHT PREPAID. Collect shipments will be refused. 5. The factory will not process warranty claims until the customer has properly accomplished the above items. 6. The Sentry factory may accept the entire claim, a part of the claim, or none of the claim if our inspection of returned parts proves the failure was for reasons other than defective material or factory workmanship. Important Notes: 1. Sentry will not be responsible for damage incurred during the return shipment. 2. All returns subject to inspection and a $50.00 evaluation fee. 3. This RMA is not authorization for credit. Credits and/or replacements will be issued upon evaluation of returned goods. 4. RMA is valid for thirty (30) days from issue date. Closed Loop Cylinder Panel SPD 1.5.15 Rev. 6 SENTRY EQUIPMENT CORP • 262.567.7256 • Fax: 262.567.4523 • • www.sentry-equip. com 7