Uffizzi Web Gallery


Uffizi web gallery is a simple PHP images/videos/music whatever web gallery made of just one PHP file. NO MySQL or any other database needed!!!


  • extremely easy
  • extremely customizable
  • just one file
  • support: jpg, gif, jpeg, png, 3gp, avi, wmv, flv, ogv, webm, wav, mid, mp3, ogg (and much more)
  • you can mix folders and files
  • you can choose images size, thumbnails size, numers of elements per page, sort order, and so on...
  • you can protect files or folders, with any number or level/users/passwords!
  • CSS support

It's simple and easy to configure and adapt to your site. It's under GPL.

You can see a demo here: https://www.maxvessi.net/uffizi/pictures/

You can download here: uffizi.zip version 3.10

You can write an email to request a feature: maxint@tiscali.it

If you like, you may send a donation:


  • Copy the file index.php in your main folder
  • Set the $base_url with the adress or your main folder
  • You can add any number of user and password
  • Every file to protect must start with a -, every minus sign is a level of protection
  • Modify the other configuration variable accordly to your needs


Click to enlarge image:

3.10 Folders and images

3.8 Single page


3.10 (15/11/2011)

  • Better CSS

3.8 (16/Sep/2011)

  • CSS support

2.6 (3/Aug/2011)

  • Better page numbering

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